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Rest Assured, Prolific Business Solutions is Here To Make Your EMV Switchover a Breeze.

Easy Integration For Your Hotels Credit Card Processing

Using choiceADVANTAGE or Shift4 system? Prolific easily integrates directly into your current POS System.

EMV Compatible Credit Card Terminal

Process through Choice Hotels preferred EMV compliant terminal of choice, the Ingenico isc480. When processing your transactions through Prolific with the newly approved EMV credit card terminal, you will dramatically reduce chargeback risks associated with your current non-compliant system which can cost you thousands of dollars.

Get a $400 Rebate on your new EMV terminal only through Prolific. Act Now!

Make the switch today and  let Prolific help your hotel get up-to-date with the latest payment processing requirements.

Offering You The Most Advanced Hospitality Solutions

No matter what type of business or organization you run – brick & mortar, online, mobile or all three – you need a company that is professional, secure and reliable.


Whatever the need is, We have a solution Right for you


Process Credit Card and Check transactions fast!
Prolific offers an array of POS retail solutions with the latest EMV/NFC and Apple Pay technology. Reduce checkout times for your customers!


Track inventory, manage your customer profiles, rewards points and past purchases. Market your top customers, manage your staff schedules and have a 360 degree view of reporting. Prolific helps business owners manage their retail locations!


Managing multiple locations made easy through Prolific to keep your operations running smoothly. We give you the technology you need to manage multiple locations and view all activity remotely. Streamline your business securely and efficiently with Prolific!



Process payment transactions right through your website! Prolific integrates with thousands of shopping carts. Our merchants get a free Prolific Gateway with every merchant account ! We give you the tools to intergrate easily.


Free with every merchant account! Process one time or recurring transactions online through any computer with the Prolific Virtual Terminal. Online processing made easy!


Build your own payment page in minutes and generate a URL to plug right into your website or email for emailed invoices. Great for donation pages, bill payments, schools and non profits. No developer needed!



Giving you the flexibility to go where you go and giving you the freedom to process payments anywhere, never miss a sale!


Process and track all payment types easily. Track inventory and manage your customer database all through your mobile phone or tablet. Email receipts and go green!


Process payments simply and securely through your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


We provide solutions for every aspect of your business:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Software Solutions
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Business Loans
  • POS Solutions
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Employee Management Software
  • Check processing solutions

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