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Prolific Business Solutions was founded on the principle of integrity. As one of the nation’s largest business service providers, we pledge to offer our clients only the best service and to provide you with the best pricing in the industry.   By keeping such high standards, we have been able to earn one of the best reputations in the business services industry which has resulted in the continual service of thousands of merchants on a national basis.

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What makes prolific different and unique, is the level of savings we offer merchants as well as the vast array of solutions and products we can offer our clients. We are a one-stop shop for business owners and organizations. Whether it is software solutions, merchant services, gift and loyalty programs, business loans, check processing, marketing, e-commerce solutions or other business services you are looking for, we have it. You need to know that your business service provider is there for the long haul with innovative thinking and cutting-edge products that can benefit your business. With our current level of client volume, as well as enterprise level services, we can ensure our merchants the most competitive pricing available.

Prolific Business Solutions Releases Most Advanced iPad POS On The Market

Prolific Business Solutions is announcing the much anticipated launch of the most advanced point of sale system on the market. Prolific POS combines easy-to-use touch screen technology with the most forward thinking reporting and customization features available.

“Prolific POS will transform an iPad into the most powerpacked POS available,” says CEO Chris Peter Rassam. “Accepting payments is only part of the system. We’ve made it easy to track payroll, timecards and accounting in an easy and cost-effective way.”

To celebrate the launch, Prolific is offering its popular customer loyalty program at no extra cost. This allows businesses to reward customers for choosing you over the competition with the gift and loyalty program.

“The key to maintaining a loyal customer base is making sure they feel appreciated,” Rassam says. “Our loyalty program will give businesses a noticeable competitive advantage for free.”

The Prolific POS systems loyalty features give users the opportunity to create loyalty programs for customers and track the success of promotions through the POS dashboard.

Prolific is also offering new clients a 0% transaction fee. This allows any business to try out the user-friendly touch-screen interface and its fast, easy payment processing. Prolific POS makes it simple to accept credit, cash, debit, gift cards and other forms of payment.

“What we’ve rolled out here is so much more than the most advanced POS on the market right now,” Rassam says. “We’ve packed a lot of technology under the hood to provide businesses simple, fast processing and unmatched analytics.”

Unlike other systems currently available, Prolific POS creates a hub that allows business owners to manage virtually every aspect of their business. That includes importing inventory, adding new items, managing suppliers, and sending notifications when inventory is low.

Prolific POS also works to manage staff time and attendance. Employees can clock in and out with the built-in time-clock function. This makes it easier than ever to accurately track employee hours, simplify payroll, and export hours to your payroll processor. Prolific POS also creates staff schedules that can be emailed to employees automatically.

“The payroll features alone will save businesses time and money,” Rassam says. “We know businesses don’t always have the resources to hire a payroll department, and with this, you don’t need to.”

The Prolific POS is also a perfect companion for the food service industry. The drag-and-drop menu builder allows businesses to create their own menu screen. Menu screens can be categorized by food, drinks, specials or any custom category imaginable. The system can also be set up to track and accept tips at the point of sale, by percentage or dollar amounts.

“There’s a lot more to Prolific POS than the day-to-day business running features,” Rassam says. “We also looked at ways to help businesses learn more about their customers and create lasting relationships.”

The customer data feature lets businesses save customer information for future purchases. Businesses can also create customer profiles that include purchase history. This makes it easy to set up rewards programs or customer loyalty discounts.

“We’re so excited about the release of this new POS system,” Rassam said. “I’d encourage anyone to drop by our website to take a deeper look into the potential our Prolific POS can unlock for your company.”

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