Prolific Helps Its Clients and Partners See New Growth Potentials

About Prolific

Prolific Business Solutions was founded on the principle of integrity. As one of the nation’s largest business service providers, we pledge to offer our clients only the best service and to provide you with the best pricing in the industry.   By keeping such high standards, we have been able to earn one of the best reputations in the business services industry which has resulted in the continual service of thousands of merchants on a national basis.

What makes us different?

What makes prolific different and unique, is the level of savings we offer merchants as well as the vast array of solutions and products we can offer our clients. We are a one-stop shop for business owners and organizations. Whether it is software solutions, merchant services, gift and loyalty programs, business loans, check processing, marketing, e-commerce solutions or other business services you are looking for, we have it. You need to know that your business service provider is there for the long haul with innovative thinking and cutting-edge products that can benefit your business. With our current level of client volume, as well as enterprise level services, we can ensure our merchants the most competitive pricing available.

New Website Launch

Prolific Business Solutions, a national merchant services and payment processor, announced the official launch of a much-anticipated newly-designed website. According to CEO and President, Chris Peter Rassam, “the new website and updated company look is a much better exemplification of our rebranded company and our vision for where we are headed.”

The newly designed Prolific website offers a crisp, modern design with easy-to-navigate, content-rich web pages that highlight what Prolific offers, not only to merchants, but to partners as well.

Through the use of a responsive web design, with an optimized layout, business owners can now navigate easily through each of the solutions offered as well as get a clear sense of who Prolific is as a company. Regardless of the device or screen size, the Prolific Business Solutions website is able to adjust for optimal viewing.

“Our goal in rebranding Prolific and launching a new website is to provide more information and an online resource for business owners wanting to learn more about our solutions, services and software,” Rassam says.

Business owners who are interested in merchant services, software solutions or business loans can effortlessly browse through the streamlined website to have a better understanding of the benefits offered, to learn about becoming a partner with Prolific Business Solutions, or learn more about how Prolific began and what drives Prolific as a company.

The website offers secure logins for existing merchants, partners and agents, as well as dedicated logins for each permit, access to training videos, literature on PCI Compliance Requirements, the Prolific Gateway, and much more!

“We are very proud of our web team for helping us rebrand our company and for creating such a robust platform for business owners to get to know Prolific and our products better,” Rassam says.



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